In the aviation world, RNAV Performance Based Navigation is designed to increase efficiency, capacity and safety of modern aviation. It is a new method using onboard avionics to navigate with precision and accuracy. Similarly, RNAV Consulting’s Performance Based Execution approach is designed to increase efficiency, capacity and quality of your digital footprint and to navigate your organization’s digital strategy with precision and accuracy to deliver on its promise.

RNAV Consulting is a digital transformation consultancy on a mission to help you respond to the fourth industrial revolution.

Our Global Presence


The fourth industrial revolution – the advent of “cyber-physical systems” evolving at an exponential pace; your response to it must be integrated, comprehensive and agile.

Our services are geared towards helping you excel in linking digital execution to your business strategy – organizations that can do so financially outperform their competition by 3-fold.

We help organizations seamlessly integrate execution with their strategy by deploying what we term as our Performance Based Execution approach, a holistic yet flexible framework that has the following tenets:

  • A sound strategy is foundational: CRAFT (Consult, Refresh, Articulate, Formulate, Tweak) your digital strategy
  • Strategy without an operating model is pointless: Get GOing (Govern and Operate) with your digital transformation
  • At the end of the day, execution is everything: get the required resource support to execute your digital initiatives


Strategy, not technology drives digital transformation, an organization without a digital strategy will struggle to stay relevant, and a sound strategy without execution capabilities will fail.

RNAV’s Performance Based Execution Approach

In order to ensure seamless execution of your digital transformation, along with digital strategy services, RNAV provides targeted execution support services via our global partners. Our goal is to provide you with services that your organization may find hard to build or scale internally.

Digital Strategy/ Transformation

Strategic planning: Facilitation/ strategy cascade

transformation Management: Transformation Office/ Enterprise PMO

Operating Model: Talent, Organization and Process

Data Science & Engineering

AI & Machine Learning: Proof of Concept; Interpretable ML; MLOps Automation; IoT

Data Engineering: Automated Data / ETL / ELT pipelines; Cloud migration / modernization


Sales Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud

Commerce Cloud

Analytics / Tableau

Integration / Mulesoft

●Operating Model ●Cloud Modernization ●Complex Integration/Data Migration ●Product Development